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Pedagogical Faculty
University of Ostrava
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709 00 Ostrava - Mariánské Hory
Czech Republic

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About the Journal

Since 2000, University of Ostrava organizes an international conference „Information and Communication Technologies in Education“. The conference is intended for all those interested in effective use of information and communication technologies in education. Every year, the ICTE Conference allows exchange of experts’ experiences in the field of modern information and communication technologies.

In 2011, the 12th Annual International Conference ICTE was held. After many successful years with the ICTE conference, organizers made a decision to extend the scope of interest. The founding of the „International Journal of Information and Communication Technologies in Education“ allows an expansion of the scope of interest by the fields of science and research in education.

The main topics of interest are:

  1. ICT integration in education
  2. Didactic principles of ICT supported instruction
  3. Learning applications, eLearning and examination with the use of ICT
  4. Computer based instruction in natural, technical and social sciences
  5. Virtual learning environment
  6. Educational technologies and new ways of their application
  7. Information and knowledge management
  8. Mobile technologies

The ICTE Journal is a regular scientific electronic journal. The journal is published twice a year. All of the articles submitted to the journal are reviewed in a double-blind peer-review process.

Journal was founded on 1st January 2012.

Updated: 23. 03. 2017

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